Variable Wattage – A Basic Guide

These days, you can buy e-cigs with a range of wattages as well as devices which allow the vaper to change the wattage to suit their needs. So how can you choose the right device for you, and should you choose a variable wattage device? This basic guide helps to give you the information that you need.

What Is Wattage For?

wattageWattage refers to the amount of power which is spent by your e-cig. It is distinct from the voltage, which refers to the amount of power which goes through your device to produce the wattage.

If you think of the voltage as your device’s input and the wattage as its output, you will see that if you increase one of these factors, you will also need to increase the other, and when the wattage of your e-cig is increased, you will also be increasing the amount of battery power it uses. Coil resistance has a key role to play in affecting your device’s wattage. A low ohm coil will use more watts as well as producing more flavour, heat and vapour than a high ohm coil. In the old days, e-cigs only had limited batteries, generally with a low wattage.

However in 2010, the Evolv Darwin saw the first device with variable wattage being introduced to the market, going up to 12.7 watts. Although this device was discontinued two years later, it set the scene for better and bigger wattages and a greater range of variable wattage devices to be sold. Today, it’s possible to buy devices which have an output power as high as 315 watts.

Why Choose High Wattage

Low wattage e-cigs always have been the best choice for both newcomers to vaping and people who prefer a simple, no-frills vaping device. Safe and easy to use, these devices offer a good balance of throat hit and flavour without the battery having to work overtime. However, for people who are keen to try something more advanced, a higher wattage is necessary, especially if you are a cloud chaser or sub ohm vaper who needs extra power.

A high wattage e-cigs has a very powerful battery which can supply the power required by these hard-working devices. The battery will also need to be charged regularly when working at the maximum output, however as more people are choosing to vape at higher wattages, battery capabilities are slowly improving. Even those who prefer to vape on a low wattage setting are often turning to high watt e-cigs too since these high performance kits offer enough battery power to last well beyond the average e-cig’s capacity.

What Should I Know About Variable Wattage?

variable wattageMods that feature variable wattage allow the vaper to control their e-cig’s output power, and this means that they are able to control both vapour production and flavour from their device. By telling the e-cig the amount of wattage desired, the device’s battery supplies the appropriate amount of power for the mod.

This means that the same e-cigarette can be used for both everyday vaping and cloud chasing for better value for money. If you are keen to get more out of your e-cig, you can choose a mod that has a narrower wattage range – say, between 6 and 40 watts, whereas a more advanced vaper might want a wider range – say, between 1 and 220 watts.

Whatever your preferences, you are sure to benefit from a variable wattage mod. If you want to chase clouds, or if you just want to get more from your battery during everyday vaping, they represent a great investment.

Richter Gedeon